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For information on The Maytag Collectors Club and early Maytag products.

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                                   President:                                                               Vice-President

                                Leonard Walburn                                                 Allen Donelson

                                406 West Mill Road                                             45027 530 Ave

                                 Humansville, MO 65674                          Newman Grove, NE 68758



                   Club Secretary                                                          General & Wringer

                   Carol Maymon                                                             Washer Questions

                   6535 170 St                                                                   Webmaster

                   Schaller, Ioa                                                           Jim Miller

                   Phone 712-275-4316                                               23584 600th Ave

                                 Nevada IA 50201

                                                                                                      Phone 515-231-9139




                     Maytag Gas Engine Question                       NEWSLETTER EDITOR

                     Mark Shulaw                                                      Corrina Morris

                     Home Phone 419-358-5206                              1811 Bandy Mill Rd.

                     Cell Phone 419-516-2996                                  Hardy, VA 24101

                                                         PHONE  504-793-2814



                       Bob Gale

                       142 70th Ave

                        Clayton, Wi  54004





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